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    Joanna Bingham Hall

    HI, I downloaded the full version not the trial version with the key. on attempting to import a PDF I get a very quick black screen which is the PDF and then it vanishes completely. I have attempted to download again and it tells me the link has expired.
    Please help
    Thanks Jo

    John Brock

    Hi Jo!

    Thanks for posting your issue and letting us know! Per our email correspondences, we have sent your issue to our developer for him to look at and to help us get a resolution. We have confirmed that your PDF file is not a raster-based image, but is indeed vector based, thus eliminating that concern. As soon as we get a response, we will let you know!


    Devin McIntosh

    I have the exact same issue. I just bought and installed the extension and unable to use it examine a plan print to do a takeoff. Please let me know what the issue is so I can use the software.


    I just purchased and installed this extension and immediately get an error upon trying to import any PDF. These are vectorized PDFs, converted directly from CAD, and are actual 100% CD architectural blueprints. Whether trying to import a full or cropped page, I get the following error:

    Error Screenshot


    OK, the image doesn’t seem to be showing and my post edit also doesn’t seem to be showing, so here is the error message text:

    Title Bar: Sketchup
    Error Message: uninitialized constant PDFImport::Fontist::Util::UI
    Status Bar: PDF Import in Progress – 87 % Complete


    Just to close out this case, v2.0.14 of the extension fixed the issue. Thanks again John & Team for the support!


    Re-posting because I’m having another issue with the PDF Importer plugin on SketchUp 2020. Upon selecting a PDF—any PDF—to import, the preview window is completely blank; the PDF doesn’t appear, neither does the cropping rectangle, it doesn’t list the number of pages, only “1/”, the Zoom dropdown, and the ‘Import PDF’ button. Importing a PDF does work, I just can’t view it and crop it ahead of time. Console output:

    import_pdf(X:\XXX\file.pdf, 1, {"bottom"=>0, "left"=>0, "right"=>0, "top"=>0}, {:black=>true, :color=>true, :white=>false})
    Total Stream Size: 608842
    Total number of PDF Operations: 60790
    crop_box: nil
    Ignored PDF operator counts: {:set_graphics_state_parameters=>1, :set_clipping_path_with_even_odd=>50, :set_line_width=>2163, :set_line_cap_style=>1, :set_line_join_style=>1, :set_clipping_path_with_nonzero=>6}

    This is SketchUp Pro 2020 64-bit 20.2.172 on Windows 10 using v2.0.14 of the extension. I tried it with version 2.0.13 and it locked up SketchUp.

    John Brock

    Could you please email us the PDF you are having issues with? We will inspect it and reply back to you.


    Sent two of them to you. I also installed SketchUp 2020 on my laptop and installed v2.0.14 of PDF Importer and encountered the same issue with a completely different PDF. Same blank window, no PDF visible, no cropping rectangle visible. Are newer versions of PDF Importer simply not compatible with older versions of SketchUp?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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