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    Julian Smith

    This seems quite useful, $30 is a bit of hard sell but not the end of the world; however, why subscription based? I’m particularly allergic to those kinds of licences, I believe a number of people are.

    Any chance the licencing model is to be reviewed? Can a perpetual licence system be developed that could coincide with the subscription based licence model?

    John Brock

    Hi Julian, thanks for the feedback. As a fellow SketchUp user, I too have never been a fan of subscription-based extensions, even though they are much more common now. There are several reasons why I chose subscription. I support my extensions. I reply to every single email and comment. I already have improvements I want to make to it, which I will do if the community supports the extension. I always put it right back into improvements. I am not a programmer, just a builder with a lot of ideas, so I have spent thousands of dollars creating extensions. At $30, I may never recoup my investment. I certainly understand your opposition to subscription-based products and thanks again for your feedback, I do not take any of it lightly.


    Even though I am also not a fan of subscription based licensing I can relate to what John is saying. The amount of time, effort and ultimately money that goes into developing a good plugin is probably difficult to recoup given the low cost of plugins that SketchUp users are accustomed to. In order to justify the development of these plugins some return on the investment is necessary.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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