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    Christopher Caponigro

    The first time I generate a report in sketchup it works as predicted but the second or third time I try the report window opens but is blank. And yes I do have something selected to report on.

    Also how do you save an html file version of a report?

    PS I just couldn’t wait so I just bought it.

    John Brock

    Hi Christopher,

    First of all, thank you for purchasing the plugin! I assure you I will be supportive and responsive to any issues, questions, suggestions, etc. In fact, please feel free to email me directly with any questions to Regarding the blank report – are you saying it no longer works? I have had the odd occasion where I open a blank report, close it and open again and it works. Whenever this has occurred, it always corrected on next attempt and honestly has not happened for a while and thought my programmer fixed it. Please let me know if it is still occurring.

    As far as “save an HTML version” – you could just print to PDF, would that suffice? Hope this helps – please do not hesitate to email me and thanks again!
    John Brock


    I have the same problem with the blank reports, it works fine first few times, then i might update job details and get a blank report. I have found that I need to close out of sketchup completely and reopen again to get it to correct. Closing out of estimator only doesn’t fix the blank report.

    (Currently running the trial with the last few days, but have already decided to purchase despite this glitch)

    John Brock

    Francis – thank for the feedback. I’m not sure why the report may malfunction at times. One thing to check is to make sure you are running the latest version of Internet Explorer
    -Internet Explorer 9 or later
    -SketchUp 2015 or later

    -Safari 6 or later
    -SketchUp 2015 or later

    – SketchUp’s API relies on it (and therefore we can be affected by it). If this happens again, would you mind sending me the file ( or report it to me at that email address. I assure you I strive to make this product the best it can be. I appreciate any and all feedback. Please do not hesitate to email me directly with any questions or problems


    A possible fix for this is to be sure that you have the correct item code listed in the description field. If you leave the description field blank, it will not produce a report.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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