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Re-posting because I’m having another issue with the PDF Importer plugin on SketchUp 2020. Upon selecting a PDF—any PDF—to import, the preview window is completely blank; the PDF doesn’t appear, neither does the cropping rectangle, it doesn’t list the number of pages, only “1/”, the Zoom dropdown, and the ‘Import PDF’ button. Importing a PDF does work, I just can’t view it and crop it ahead of time. Console output:

import_pdf(X:\XXX\file.pdf, 1, {"bottom"=>0, "left"=>0, "right"=>0, "top"=>0}, {:black=>true, :color=>true, :white=>false})
Total Stream Size: 608842
Total number of PDF Operations: 60790
crop_box: nil
Ignored PDF operator counts: {:set_graphics_state_parameters=>1, :set_clipping_path_with_even_odd=>50, :set_line_width=>2163, :set_line_cap_style=>1, :set_line_join_style=>1, :set_clipping_path_with_nonzero=>6}

This is SketchUp Pro 2020 64-bit 20.2.172 on Windows 10 using v2.0.14 of the extension. I tried it with version 2.0.13 and it locked up SketchUp.