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Timothy Scursso


I am trying the trial version before I dive right into the full version, but I am not seeing the option to change the csv files under user settings. I was curious if it’s because it’s the trial. I know you answered this above, but I am a bit confused. Has this option changes since you last responded to this question. I download it from your site today, version 1.11.

I also wanted to acknowledge and give you props for modeling all the elements that you do pertaining to constructing a house/project. I am a design/builder and I do the same. Glad to see I am not the only one who feels that it is extremely helpful to do it before you get on site. There are so many potential issues that I am able to sort through before construction starts. All that is in addition to figuring out take-offs from my model. Estimator is a no brainier for me, but I have my own cost codes that I want to input and was wondering why my trial differed from your comment above and the video describing it. Can’t wait to get it sorted out and get going.