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John Brock

Thanks Tim! What I was referring to was the situation, for example, you have a rectangular wall on a gable end, say 9′ 1-1/8″ Wall, with rafters on front and back walls, you add a gable wall on top of the rectangular wall (not balloon framed – more common to build rectangular walls with given studs, then build up as necessary) – 1, a true triangle (down to 0 height at each end) will not work with Framer but you can cheat it and clean it up. and 2, you cannot put an opening (like a gable window) in such a wall because the header is higher than the start of the slope – this is what I was referring to – did I explain it properly? Sometimes I say 20 words when 2 will do :/

Question – do you use Estimator? Since I always need takeoffs, it is important to model it as you would build it – just curious.