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John Brock

Thanks for the feedback. Please let me explain the reason behind that – I started out using the description name, as you mentioned, however, I discovered through highly-detailed use (complicated model) that I may have a dozen variations of some components. For example, a 2x4x104-5/8″ stud – I had standard studs, jacks that are shorter that are still cut out of that stud, studs on foundation level that are cut to fit height, etc. I may have a dozen different components that are ALL the same product, SO I changed the entry to where I could combine these for ONE entry on the estimate. In Estimator, if you enter the same name, price, etc., they will combine as one entry. For example, instead of 100- stud1, 23 – stud2, 73-stud3, my report would read 200 – studs. Hope this make sense – I understand where you are coming from but there was a reason for it.

I am working on a new version that will expand this greatly, so stay tuned – feel free to email me directly with any questions or issues to