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John Brock


To move a wall vertically or horizontally, right-click > move/resize framer wall > you will see yellow grips at each end and either side of middle > use these middle grips to move horizontally or vertically – tip – use a guide to reference/snap the move.
To change wall height, simply right-click > edit framer wall > change the height of the wall.

When you create a wall, it creates it as a group. When you add an opening, the king studs, jacks, headers, cripples are grouped inside the wall group.

The layers are assigned internally by the code and are not customizable. Perhaps in the future I might be able to get the programmer to do that, I will ask, but I needed it to work with Estimator, so that is why each type is layered by code to differentiate.

I did the layers like this – plates (except for treated), sills, header top and bottom, go on PLATE layer, Studs go on STUDS layer and named by height of wall so you know what stud length to use. Header goes on layer Header, jacks and cripples go on the stud layer.