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John Brock

Thanks Terry! I plan on adding additional layers for cladding (essentially another wallboard on top of sheathing for example), as well as insulation and other features, but simply had to get V1 out there before I can afford to add anything else. Primary focus was on making it work with Estimator. I typically add my veneers on top of the sheathing (add trim corners, window trim, etc., then create faces between and push/pull, texture, group, etc. Then I use the SF of the texture I chose (carefully texturing ONE face only) – all the trim is done with Profile Builder (I use individual layers for trim (for takeoff) and group the trim layers to control vis).

You could simply edit the face of the sheathing you use (edit wall group until you drill into the sheathing layer and texture the outside face of the sheathing) – you could use the Area of the sheathing for takeoff of sheathing/housewrap, then use the Material SF (texture) for siding.

keep the comments coming!