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John Brock

Hi Rudy-

I will be posting a lot of information and very soon. I have been working with programmers for the last 9 months on version 2 and it is almost complete. The new version contains a large items database to choose material and labor items from. You can use our database, edit it to suit yourself, or use your own. Ironically, I am emailing back and forth with my programmer as I type now, about “Assemblies” – I want to add this feature – for now it will be an export/import feature. For example, a basement slab – you may build an “assembly” by adding as many cost elements as needed (CY for material, SF for labor, SF for vapor barrier, etc) then export this as an assembly you can use later and import into new models (so you do not have to have a template file, or need to keep amending a template file. Eventually I want to build an online version of Assemblies where users can build assemblies and share them in the community online – BUT I need to get this version out now before I go broke adding features 🙂

I will keep you posted!