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John Brock

Hi Steve-

Thanks! My models do get quite large but manageable as far as I am concerned. Estimator has a checkbox setting to allow you to cut off “Real time reporting”. Basically, estimator is scanning everything selected in SU when selected, so in a large model it can slow things down – hence the option to cut it off. I rarely do that though. Some simple things I came to learn to do to keep file sizes unnecessarily large is to purge unused components and materials (careful not to purge things you need. You know when you import a component into your model and later delete it, it is not actually deleted from the file until you purge it. Also, be careful of large texture files. In addition to modeling everything, I want high quality textures for my renderings, etc., so I have to be mindful of bloating a file with texture files (some you may not realize are large). I am not a computer nerd/expert, I just know I had a decent computer built with quality graphics card because I render a lot. Feel free to email directly at if you have any questions, etc. Always here to help! and thanks for watching the presentation. Basecamp was a blast!