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John Brock

That is a great question. I know you can assign pricing to all nested components, which I use quite often. I do not use a lot of dynamic components personally but have wondered if it would work. I downloaded a dynamic cabinet component from the warehouse. You can change its attributes from 24″ cabinet to 18″ cabinet. I was assuming that I could assign a price to the individual selections (like a 24″ drawer and 18″ drawer being two different components), but when I looked into it (changed the size of the cabinet from 24 to 18), the component name stayed the same but its size changed (therefore I could not assign a different price). I am very interested in this though and would love to make it work for you if possible. Perhaps your dynamic component may work – would you mind sharing a sample file with me? If you email me a file to, I will certainly look into it – please give me a description of what you want to accomplish with the sample and I will see what can be done!