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John Brock

Hello and thanks for the inquiry. In my first version, that is how I had it function BUT I quickly discovered that I was creating many variations of the same product (component if you will) – for example, in framing a house, I may have 10 or more variations of a 2x10x16 rafter, for example, and the report would have ten entries of the same product to order, so I added the “description” field and IF a user enters the same cost data and description name, it totals them into one on the report. I realize this is not how some may want it to function. When I run into this situation, I copy and paste the component name into the description field (when you are in Components tab and select a component, its name will appear in the Component box – I copy/paste it into the description box) – an extra step I admit, but you do not have to type it in manually.

It is a good idea though to look into a fix for this – perhaps we could add a checkbox to “use component name in description” – I could add that to the requested features if that would work for you. Please feel free to email me directly at any time with questions –