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    David Southwick

    I’m a siding contractor and I’ve been using Estimator c/w length and area take off for my Quotes for about a year now. The feature I would like to see most is a material data base where I could enter a materials description, it’s purchase and labour costs etc. and have all the relevant fields populate with that information. Most times, the same product is used for different things. For example, I might be using 5/4×4 Hardie Rustic Trim for out side corner posts, opening trim, shadow boards, etc.. In my “Takeoff Length Collection” these would be listed as OSCP_5/4×4, OT_5/4×4, SB_5/4×4, etc.. However, the very same product “5/4×4 Hardie Rustic Trim” is used for all of them and have the same associated costs. I would like to enter “5/4×4 Hardie Rustic Trim” in the description field and have the “cost” “Labour” and other fields auto fill with the information in the data base. Also, when my supplier issues a price increase, I would only have to make changes in one place.

    John Brock

    Hi David-

    Thank you for the feedback. We are presently working on an update which addresses a “database” – hopefully ONE file that you will be able to update prices, add items, etc. If you have any sample reports or elaboration on what you posted here, could you please email me directly to – I would be happy to start a dialog with you to make sure I understand your request/to see if we have it covered.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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