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John Brock

Thanks for reaching out (and feel free to email me anytime directly with questions to
I will be creating more videos but have not had the necessary time to do it (and do it right). My Basecamp presentation was an overview, there was no way I could do hands-on in that time. The model I presented in there was indeed created for it, not a typical house for me. My typical homes are too large and I wanted to provide a sample file of a more reasonable size and still detail the entire house, which I did. I have discovered that there are so many ways Estimator is used, from detailed to simple – no one-size fits all. I have tried to create videos detailing multiple facets and capabilities and then users can take that and apply it to their needs. Actually, I was “going to” create a timelapse video of the making of that model, but again, time was not on my side and I had to knock it out before Basecamp. It would have been cool, but reality kicked in. I am in the process, hopefully, of modifying some key functions of Estimator, so my time is being spent on improvements right now, while not in the field (building houses). Feel free to email with any specific questions on how YOU use SU and what you would like to see detailed/tutorial – perhaps I could pinpoint a tutorial that helps you and others at the same time.
You asked how long it took to create the model for the presentation – I created it the week prior to leaving but the time was scattered, using available office time between field visits – I would say, if uninterrupted, it would probably have taken 3 full days, but just a guess.
My plan is to go back step by step using that model, and do videos detailing the process (vs. the missed opportunity for a timelapse), perhaps next couple of months.